More on People Acting Like Websites

We encounter robots every day.

When we call costumer service, or speak to company’s representative in person — and feel like we’re talking to a script and not a person.

With zero agency that person relinquished their ability to think, and unable navigate their role and position.

This is not limited to cable company rep’s – this phenomenon can be found in HR departments, design thinking sprints, and many business settings.

If we had the time (and were paid to) we could write a detailed rule based program (if-then statements) that drive the actions of this automata. This person is the antagonist of a future of human fulfillment and useful robots.

In many real, and worrying ways this person offers no value more than a simple website*.

In effect these individuals are already automated – and are just waiting to pass the keys.

These are the people that would gain the most from unfocusing through hobbies, discovering their vocation, or a simple articulation of what are they interested in.


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