Perception over Expression

 Reality is instantiated.

 The world is made of an (almost) infinite instances of reality.

Our individual, internalized perception of objective events make our sense of reality. We place objective events in an ever-evolving frame of cognition.

As creatives we might do our best to express instructions for reactions, but at the very best all they do is prompt perception.
The colors and accents of that perception are a function of the our beliefs of the world.

“(Reality) is a reconstruction based on our 
beliefs of the world”
– Alan Kay

When approaching systemic messaging, or any kind of system design that involves people (and their instantiated realties) we should remember that perception always beats expression.

It is in situations like that these that deploying behavioral economics, complexity science, and modeling becomes incredibly powerful in reducing ambiguity

“Imagine how difficult physics would be If electrons could think”
–Murray Gell-Mann

p.s. Coincidently, I am hoping to shake Kay’s hand, at the Santa Fe Center Institute for Complexity Science, where I am heading now as I am typing this


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